The Show

The team email for months before finally meeting face to face in Budapest. Instead of getting on the road straight away, they spend days enjoying the city's party scene, sampling the local "Palinka" and pretending to prepare for their trip of a lifetime. Randomly, after shaking off a hangover one Tuesday, Lovie decides it's time at last to get on the road.

As the Trabants putter down the well paved roads of Eastern Europe, the team feels like they're on holiday. Cruising along the Black Sea they party with locals, play football, hang out on the beach and even crash a Turkish wedding. But the peaceful easy feeling quickly dissipates when they cross into Georgia where they're immediately robbed. And just when they thought things couldn't get any worse, a fateful voyage across the Caspian delays them for days. They end up trapped in Turkmenistan where the real adventure begins...

Their delay pushes them ever farther behind schedule until they're forced to scram from border to border. It's a far cry from their laidback cruise through Europe and the little plastic cars are being pushed to their limits. One by one the Trabants begin to fall apart. Tony, the team's self-taught mechanic knows next to nothing about fixing the East German relics and struggles to keep them running. Team leader Lovie becomes disillusioned, threatening to leave the trek due to his own lack of organization. OJ is constantly pessimistic, missing his girlfriend, while the debauched trio of Dan, Megan and Marlena haven’t yet noticed things have gone awry; they’re too busy looking for an excuse to party. Carlos, Zsofi and Brady, the sources of stability in the haphazard team, are often trampled underfoot by the merrymaking threesome.

The breakdowns, hangovers and bureaucratic nightmares of Central Asia take their toll and it isn't long before the team begins to turn on each other. The setbacks force them to push into Siberia and Mongolia's desolate Gobi Desert as winter approaches. With no heaters the fractious team pushes their dilapidated cars north into the Siberian winter … Will they be able to pull together and make it to their final destination of Cambodia, or will 'Trabant Trek' turn into a complete Trabant wreck?