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Trabant Trek is only the beginning for Nomadic Nation. We just returned from yet another crazy transcontinental adventure, this time overland from Europe to Africa. On a shoestring budget as ever, team leader Lovie dragged a mob across Africa in recycled wrecks from a Berlin junkyard.

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He’s planning another endeavor and perhaps you too could be limping across a continent in a dilapidated vehicle … Whether it’s paddle-boating down the Amazon, golf carts across Central America or tuk-tuks across Southeast Asia, Lovie is always looking for people daring or foolish enough to join him.

Check back here to see what new hair-brained escapade we conjure up…

Or perhaps you think you have an insane enough idea that will have us drooling at the mouth. Maybe you've already had your own idiotic adventure and filmed it?

No matter what, get in touch. We're always interested in working with new people who have a passion for filming their antics and putting it on TV for the world to see.